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Real Estate Owners, Developers and Residents Associations ideally want to maximise the range of services and Service Providers available in a location.

Our open access model is drastically different to the traditional telecom operator model where an operator owns or at least controls the wire into the customer’s premises, in what is essentially a monopoly. The result is usually poor customer service, high prices and performance/products that are well below world-class standards. Critically, this means that the real estate owner rarely can monetise their own network but is instead beholden to the monopoly.

Connect your building to our open access fibre infrastructure and provide your buyers and tenants with access to the best broadband services from some of the best local and national Internet Service Providers.

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Fibre Broadband and Communications ‘Ready-to-Go’ is a great selling point.
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Increase in property value: having fibre broadband has been shown to add 2-4% in property value.
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Units sell/rent faster leading to higher occupancy and yield rates.
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State-of-the art security and building services provide a sense of safety and wellbeing.
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