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As technology trends continue to change the way people and industries improve efficiency and productivity, we can only guess what the future holds in terms of technological advancements.

The only thing certain about the future is that communications networks will continue to be critical to enable the next cutting-edge technology.

Preparing for the future requires partnering with a wholesale provider that is deploying the right fibre-based services today, is planning ahead for future customer needs and can support the growing bandwidth needs with the low latency, highly reliable networks required to deliver the best user experience for consumers.

The right wholesale partner will allow you to scale-up your operations in an agile way and reach your customers where and how you need.

Maximise Customer Experience

Significant OPEX savings whilst ensuring Customer Experience is maximised. Our best-in-class operational support systems will help deliver the best customer experience possible. Our platform is fully automated, based on open API standards to support interoperability.

Our open access platform provides a level playing field for Service Providers of all sizes, to host their services on, and compete on features, price and customer service.

Use our fibre infrastructure to offer your world-class residential and business services quickly and cost effectively to potential residential customers and business clients.

We recognise that it is of critical importance to neutralise pain points and meet Service Provider’s expectations at every stage of the journey from initial contracts to individual service activations. We have a level of flexibility and commercial openness that the longer established wholesale players do not have.

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Typical high CAPEX investment does not apply – a costly part of the access network is provided for.
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Provides attractive FTTP products that meet future demand – symmetrical up to 10Gbps or more, active ethernet.
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Separation between subscribers, networks and services, to provide unmatched piece of mind.
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We have the ability to bridge legacy and next generation network devices to grow as our partners grow.
Desktop, tablet and mobile device