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Whether you’re interested in talking to us about a potential partnership, looking to connect your home, business, building or development, or if you're simply wanting to register your interest and looking for more information about our Internet Service Provider partners, please complete the enquiry form and our team will contact you.

Alternatively, call 0800 538 5542

Please speak to your Internet Service Provider if you:

  • Have a question about your bill
  • Have a problem with your service e.g. a fault
  • Have a query about an Engineer visit
  • Want to order phone (VolP) or broadband

Please contact AllPoints Fibre if you wish to:

  • 1) Schedule an installation ahead of committing to a service/broadband package

    You will have the opportunity to Future-Proof your property and schedule an installation of your fibre connection with AllPoints Fibre ahead of choosing a service from one of our Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners, to suit your budget and broadband requirements.

  • Options available:

    • Schedule an installation of your AllPoints Fibre connection without ordering a service (you can order a service at a later stage, from your chosen ISP when convenient for you, to suit your budget and broadband requirements);
    • Once we’ve laid the AllPoints Fibre network in your street, you will be able to choose an ISP and schedule your installation all at the same time with your chosen ISP.

    If you would like us to keep you up-to-date on when you can connect, and provide further details on the options available to you, please register your interest via our contact form.

  • 2) Report unsafe, damaged or vandalised equipment

  • If you spot any unsafe, damaged or vandalised equipment which you think belongs to AllPoints Fibre, it is important that you tell us about it.

    You can report things like:

    • Damaged underground cables (often caused by mechanical diggers in built-up areas)
    • Damaged or vandalised grey cabinets, including graffiti or unattended cabinets with open doors
    • Something unsafe at a site where we are working
    • Loose, cracked or missing manhole covers
    • Damage to your property or personal injury

    It would really help us if you use the What3Words App to tell us exactly where the damaged equipment is so that our Engineers can locate and make it safe as quickly as possible. You can download the app from the app store on your mobile device, they’re a third party and you can access their privacy statement to understand how they use your data.


    To raise a complaint or enquiry, that relates to the provision of internet services, engineer appointments, faults or compensation, you will need to go through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They will contact us to resolve the matter on your behalf. This is because although AllPoints Fibre is the network provider, your relationship is with your ISP.

    To raise a complaint or enquiry that relates to health and safety concerns, employee behaviour, personal injury, damage to your property, quality of workmanship, wayleaves or planned movement of AllPoints Fibre equipment – you can contact us by completing the enquiry form.

    Your complaint will be logged on our internal system and you will be provided with a unique reference number and formal acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint within 24 hours.

    A dedicated Customer Service handler will be allocated to your complaint or enquiry, to fully investigate and resolve your issue as quickly as possible, keeping you up-to-date throughout.

    However, if it is a Health & Safety concern that requires immediate attention, please contact:

    0800 538 5542

    What's your preferred way to hear from Us?