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Anyone who's struggled with internet speed or performance knows the UK's current broadband network just doesn't cut the mustard. That's why AllPoints Fibre is teaming up with the community to bring hyperfast broadband to thousands of local properties.

We're building a state-of-the-art full fibre network ready to make old copper-based services like ADSL and FTTC obsolete.

However, we need your help to reach the parts that other networks won't. Some areas will only be upgraded if there is enough demand from residents and businesses, so registering your property is vital. Support your community in getting a much better broadband connection.

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Learn more about Full fibre, its benefits to you and how to get it.

Who are AllPoints Fibre?

AllPoints Fibre is a UK-based company that builds and operates full fibre broadband networks. For residential customers, this means we provide the infrastructure that allows for high-speed, reliable internet connections.

We work with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to bring full fibre broadband directly to homes, empowering you to enjoy faster download and upload speeds, better streaming quality, and enough bandwidth for all those smart home devices.

AllPoints Fibre Networks was formed in 2024 from the consolidation of four trusted brands: Giganet, Swish Fibre, Jurassic Fibre, and AllPoints Fibre, each bringing a unique focus on full fibre connectivity and great customer service. Today, as AllPoints Fibre Networks, we proudly support ISPs and other partners in offering the best in home and business broadband services.

What is full fibre Broadband?

As a wholesale network provider, AllPoints Fibre is building a cutting-edge full fibre infrastructure designed to support the UK’s switch from copper-based ADSL and FTTC services. This means you’ll no longer have to rely on outdated copper cabling for your broadband connection.

Full fibre broadband, also known as Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), uses fibre optic cables to deliver data directly to your home. Unlike traditional copper-based connections, full fibre provides significantly faster speeds and better reliability.

  • Fibre Broadband: Uses light through glass tubes (fibres) for high-speed data transmission.
  • Copper Broadband (ADSL): Uses old copper phone lines, which are slower and lose signal over distance.
  • FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet): Fibre to a street cabinet then copper to your home, which can slow down during peak times.
  • FTTP (Fibre to the Premises): Full fibre to your home, ensuring consistent high-speed internet no matter how many of your neighbours are online.
FTTC Explainer image
FTTP Explainer image

To find out more download our explainer leaflet by clicking on the button below:

Why are you digging up my road?

Our build activity involves extending a fibre optic cable to an access point near your property. This might be to an existing telegraph pole or a small plastic ‘Toby’ box in the pavement, verge or carriageway.

Here’s what to expect:

In a nutshell: We'll mark out work areas with biodegradable paint, dig to lay our cables, then tidy up, restoring any disturbed areas as per the national standards of reinstatement of highways.

Efficiency: By utilising existing infrastructure like ducts and poles, we aim to keep digging to a minimum. Look out for small black ‘Toby’ boxes appearing on footpaths – that’s us laying the groundwork for your new connection.

Safety Measures: Minor traffic management may be necessary to ensure everyone's safety, but we’ll keep it as unobtrusive as possible. Minimised disruption is our goal.

Temporary Fixes: In some areas, we might need to make temporary repairs (like using black tarmac in red tarmac areas), but we'll return for a seamless fix as soon as we can.

Do you need a wayleave?

If you rent or own an apartment, flat or multi-dwelling unit (MDU), you might need a wayleave agreement for installation. The same goes if you’re living on private land. If this sounds like you, check with your landlord or building manager and contact us at for assistance getting your building added to our network. This ensures a smooth and speedy full fibre setup when you want to take up a service from one of our ISP partners.

How do you complete the connection?

When you choose to take up a full fibre broadband service from one of our partners, we pop back to complete the connection, extending the cable all the way to your building and connecting it to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) inside the property. This guarantees your future internet connections will be faster and smoother, and unlike broadband transmitted to your home via copper, your speed won't decrease the further you live from the exchange.

How do I know if full fibre is available in my area?

You’ll soon be able to check availability by entering your postcode on our website, but for now, you can register your interest to ensure you’ll be the first to know when a connection is available.

What if I'm not in your build plans?

As you can imagine, building a full fibre broadband network in some areas can be costly, so we need a little help to ensure people want a full fibre service before we begin. Our Community Engagement team can work with you to find out if your neighbours also want the service, and when there's sufficient demand, we’ll get the party started. For more details on how you can influence our build plans. Contact our team at

How do I get connected?
  1. Register Your Interest: Let us know if you want to be included in our network rollout
  2. Stay Updated: We’ll notify you when your home is ready for a full fibre connection.
  3. Choose Your Provider: Select from a choice of top internet providers and packages.
  4. Schedule Installation: Book your installation and get ready for much better broadband.
What speeds can I expect?

Speeds typically range from 100Mbps to 1Gbps or higher, depending on the package and internet service provider you choose.

Am I eligible for a Government voucher?

The BDUK (Building Digital UK) Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme is a government initiative focused on helping harder-to-reach communities upgrade their slow broadband connection. If your available broadband download speeds are less than 100Mbps and there are no plans for a government-funded contract or imminent commercial rollout in your area, you might qualify for funding.

By registering your interest with AllPoints Fibre and agreeing to pledge a voucher, we can help you determine if you're eligible. We'll guide you through the process and, if your address qualifies, use the voucher to cover the costs of bringing ultrafast full fibre broadband to your property. Once a service is available at your property, you will be expected to pay for the ongoing cost of a broadband package, when you wish to take up a service.

For more information on the scheme, check out the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme information - GOV.UK ( website.

Got any burning questions? Contact us

We understand you might have further queries or need assistance during this process so we're here to help! In fact, you can reach out to our team at or come chat with us at our local community events.

For the latest info and pop-up event details, follow us on our socials @allpointsfibreuk